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1. Office of Academic Affairs - course information: Hsiu-Wen Hsieh (ext. 2132)
     For Taiwanese students: College of Science (ext. 2121-2122); College of Engineering (2127), College of Management, College of Social Sciences and Si-Wan College (ext. 2123), College of Liberal Arts and College of Marine Sciences (ext. 2124)
     Non-Taiwanese students (Mainland Chinese, overseas Chinese and foreign students) I-Ting Huang (ext. 2124)

2. International exchange students:

  • Office of International Affairs/ Mainland Chinese students: Melissa Su (ext. 2244)
  • Office of International Affairs/ students from Hong Kong and Macao and overseas Chinese: Hui-Ching Yap (ext. 2241)
  • Office of International Affairs/ foreign non-exchange students: Christine Yan (ext. 2242)
  • Office of International Affairs/ foreign exchange students: Hana Ting (ext. 2636)

3. Personal issues:

  • Health-related issues - Physical & Health Division, Office of Student Affairs: Chin-Nuan Kuo (nurse) (ext. 2252)
  • Internet connection - Knowledge Innovation Division, Office of Library and Information Services: Keng-Fu Kuo (engineer) (ext. 2512)
  • Psychological issues - Counselling & Career Development Division, Office of Student Affairs: Ya-Chu Chuang (psychologist) (ext. 2233)
  • Emergency hotline - university guard 091170599 (no need to call the university central number)

4. Other issues: Dorm Service Center - Hsin-Yi Cheng (07)5256001 or (07)5252000 ext. 5937